BSN SPORTS Lacrosse Pass Back Target


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Whether you want your team to focus on accurate shooting or catching errant passes, players will find it easy to improve their skills on their own with this BSN SPORTS™ Lacrosse Pass Back Target. It’s easy for lacrosse players to throw the ball at this target and practice receiving the ball as it comes flying back toward them off the rebound surface. If coaches or players want to practice throwing or receiving balls at specific angles or heights, the adjustable frame makes it simple to vary the angle of the rebound surface.

  • Ideal for improving the fundamental skills of lacrosse players
  • Allows teams to practice accuracy, passing, shooting and receiving
  • Sturdy steel frame remains upright and in place during hard and fast contact with the ball
  • 4 ft. high x 3 ft. wide rebound surface delivers ample receiving space for players to use
  • Adjustable frame can be positioned to change the angle of the rebound surface for practicing different skills and techniques
  • Add the STX Pass Master Cover and improve passing fundamentals and accuracy

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